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Spice Affair – A La Carte Menu


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Small Plates

Pineapple  Quencher
Tandoor smoked pineapple, roasted cumin powder, served chilled Gluten Free Icon

Mizuna, Apple & Pomegranate Salad
Mizuna, Apple, fresh pomegranate & Feta cheese Gluten Free Icon

Potato and Peas Samosa
Spiced potato and peas stuffed turnovers. An all-time favorite. 

Tomato Tea
Delicate Soup infused with fresh coriander, garlic, and herbs Gluten Free Icon

Potato Nest & Ragda Chaat
Crisp Potato nest, white peas, chutneys and yoghurt

Avocado Bhel
Spiced Potato, Avocados, puffed rice assorted chutneys  Gluten Free Icon




Baby Naan Trio
(Duck, mushroom & truffle oil, mascarpone cheese & golden raisin…) Cranberry achar, mango brie, mooli chutney

Artichoke Hearts
Tandoor grilled, Tantalizingly marinated. Spice Affair exclusive Gluten Free Icon

Curry Leaf Chicken
Spicy chicken finished on a griddle with curry leaves and spices. An exquisite coastal experience. Gluten Free Icon

Shrimp Varuval
Ginger, fennel seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves. Gluten Free Icon

Coco-li flower
Crisp Cauliflower florets in coconut sauce. You can’t miss this Gluten Free Icon 

Habanero Chicken Tikka
Luscious chunks of young chicken marinated with Habanero chili, cooked in Tandoor. Gluten Free Icon

Dosa Taco
Asparagus Grilled Portobello Chettinad spice, avocado raita, rice & lentil crepe Gluten Free Icon

Tandoori Appetizer Platter
An assortment of Scrumptious Mr. Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Prawn and Seekh Kebab. Gluten Free Icon



Celebrations Plated

Traditional Classics, contemporary setting!

The Tandoori Cornish Hen
Wholesome BBQ Chicken, an all-time favorite from Punjab, India Gluten Free Icon

Chargrilled Lobster
Yogurt marinated lobster-tails grilled in the tandoor Gluten Free Icon

Gilafi Seekh Kebabs
Skewered lamb mince, juicy, scrumptious and alluring Gluten Free Icon

Indi-spiced Lamb Rack
Ginger infused chunky lamb chops. A succulent sizzling delight! Gluten Free Icon

Flash Grilled Sea Bass
Sea Bass marinated with yogurt, fresh herbs, turmeric, and Tandoor grilled Gluten Free Icon

Sundried Tomato Paneer Tikka
Smoked Paneer chunks, sundried tomato, yogurt Gluten Free Icon

Tandoori Achari Mushrooms
Wild Mushrooms, pickling spice, and yogurt marinade Gluten Free Icon


Prix Fixe Menus Available

Parties of 6 or more.  $65|$75|$85 per person. Please ask your server.



Please ask your server for a personal tour of the Banquet Hall and VIP Dining Room



The Curry & Masala Affair

Delhi’s Dhaba Chicken
New Delhi special, boneless chicken in yogurt and black pepper sauce Gluten Free Icon

Chicken Kolhapuri
Red chili, clove, cinnamon. (spicy)

The Northie Lamb Bliss
Tender lamb cooked to perfection as in the homes of Northern India Gluten Free Icon

Lamb Shank  Vindaloo
Lamb shanks in spicy Goan vindaloo sauce Gluten Free Icon

Shrimp & Scallops Moilee
Kerala style coconut curry tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves  Gluten Free Icon

Kokum Fish curry
Kokum flavored fish cooked in spicy South-Indian curry Gluten Free Icon

Butter Chicken: loaded with Love
Shredded tandoori chicken with our irresistible signature tomato sauce. An all-time favorite! Gluten Free Icon



An Amalgamation Affair

An ethnic blend of rice and meat or vegetables cooked on a Dum and served with Raita

* Select options can be prepared Gluten Free upon request

Bombay Tarkari Tawa Pulao
Market fresh vegetables, basmati rice, home ground spice mix Gluten Free Icon

Dum Chicken Biryani
Boneless chicken, basmati rice, broiled saffron strands- magical whiffs tableside!

Kacche Gosht ki Biryani
Boneless lamb, basmati rice cooked with aromatic spices and Saffron

Basmati Rice /Basmati Brown Rice

Fresh mint, cucumber, and roasted cumin powder



The Green Garden Affair

Nizami Subz Korma
Seasonal Vegetables, brown onion Cashew sauce, saffron Gluten Free Icon

Edamame Saag
A traditional blend of creamed spinach, shelled edamame, fenugreek leaves Gluten Free Icon

Kadhai Paneer
Paneer cooked in House special tomato & cream sauce, Bell peppers Gluten Free Icon

Nadru Kofta
Magical Combination of lotus root and walnut dumplings in an aromatic sauce Gluten Free Icon

Bhindi Dorukha
Stir-fried fresh ladyfingers with an herbal infusion of ginger Gluten Free Icon

Chilgoza Cauliflower Broccoli Porial
Broccoli & Cauliflower pine nuts, coconut, mustard seed, cumin ginger. Gluten Free Icon 

Dal Makhani: Utterly Butterly Delicious
Black lentils prepared overnight, cooked to perfection Gluten Free Icon

Yellow Dal
Delightful preparation of 5 yellow lentils, cumin, ginger, Asafoetida Gluten Free Icon 

Amchuri Chole
Tangy chickpeas, with onion, tomatoes and Dry Mango powder Gluten Free Icon 

Khatta Mitha Baingan
Baby eggplants, onions, tomato, tamarind & nigella seed Gluten Free Icon



The Bread Affair

Whole Wheat | Chili Flakes

Butter Naan | Olive & thyme | Garlic & chives

Potato & peas | Onions & Gorgonzola | Wild mushroom

Laccha Paratha
Plain | Mint



The Dessert Affair

Gulab Jamun
Milk dumplings in honey syrup

Soft poached cheese, cardamom-infused milk, pistachio

The hint of Orange & coriander, berry compote, cardamom shortbread cookie.

Triple Chocolate mousse, candied nuts raspberry coulis.

Indian Ice cream, Choice of Rose Or Pistachio flavored Frozen Milk dessert

The flavor of the day


( Gluten Free Icon= Gluten-Free   Vegan Icon = Vegan)

Some dishes may contain nuts or dairy products: Please inform us if you are allergic to these ingredients.
Indian delicacies can spruce up your next party. Ask about our outdoor catering services




Food spread with item like Chicken Biryani, samosas, lamb rack, etc

The Spice Affair offers a truly unique dining experience filled with market-fresh produce, gourmet recipes, and a warm atmosphere. Ingredients are the single most important factor in making premium dishes. Our team uses locally-sourced vegetables at the peak of their flavor, and the highest-quality spices. By using the best ingredients, we provide customers with a gourmet catering experience like none other. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills Restaurant Row.




Spice Affair Boxed Lunches - with items like Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, etc.

Spice Affair is proud to offer a diverse take Out & delivery menu featuring our gourmet Indian cuisine packaged to go at your convenience. Our take-out options feature fine dining quality Indian food, highlighted by dozens of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan choices. We offer packages and services for any occasion ranging from large groups and corporate lunches to individuals and small families. Take out delivery services are available for both lunch and dinner.



For delivery, we are proud to partner with a number of organizations to bring you fine dining Indian food in the fastest and most effective way possible.  We offer our full menu of traditional Indian food featuring a number of special large format and catering options. Contact us for more information about the best Indian restaurant in Los Angeles.

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