Lunch Buffet



Weekend Buffet Spread


Unlimited Dishes

The Spice Affair lunch offers a truly awe-inspiring dining experience filled with market-fresh produce, gourmet recipes and above all a warm atmosphere. Choose from an always-changing selection of freshly prepared traditional dishes.

Weekdays from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm

$19.95 Per Person






Fresh Produce 

We take advantage of the bountiful produce and ingredients found in Southern California and create our own modern interpretation of traditional Indian dishes, all while maintaining the ever-important Indian sensibility. Keeping in mind the health-conscious California diner, the majority of Spice Affair’s menu is gluten-free and strays away from the use of creams, butter, and high cholesterol oils. Perfect reason for you to eat all you can eat!


Entree Spread laid out on the table